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Reclaiming the trust

History SA is now the History Trust of South Australia. Those of you with long memories might realise this is a return to our original name, which has in fact remained our ‘legal’ name. The History Trust of South Australia is a statutory authority reporting to Parliament through the Minister...

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Introducing Tara

Tara McHenry is a relatively new face in the marketing team at History SA. In her other life Tara is a musician. She came to the world of marketing for practical reasons: As a practicing artist I’ve always been aware of the importance of how to communicate and promote my work....

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Introducing Kristy

Kristy Rebbeck joined the History SA team recently as our new Marketing Manager. She manages marketing and publicity for History SA projects and events, as well as for the National Motor Museum, Migration Museum and South Australian Maritime Museum. She is also responsible for promoting History SA’s corporate image and raising sponsorship to...