South Australian Maritime Museum

The SA Maritime Museum’s collection began in 1872 to preserve, explore and celebrate the human history of our oceans and rivers. It has become one of Australia’s great nautical collections; it is certainly the oldest. We invite you to explore.

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Dave Rickard

Introducing Dave

Dave Rickard currently works as a volunteer at the Migration Museum, where he and his wife, Pauline, assist with the management of the Museum’s photographic collection. He also volunteers with the South Australian Maritime Museum, where he is a crew member on the historic ex-police launch, Archie Badenoch, which takes school groups on...

Image: coloured drawing of yellow and blue fish

Desperately Seeking Baudin

Earlier this year at the South Australian Maritime Museum we opened an exhibition titled The Art of Science which showcases original drawings and paintings created by Baudin’s artists Charles-Alexandre Lesueur and Nicolas-Martin Petit during the voyage...

Image: Woman standing outside in front of gum tree trunk

Introducing Britt

Britt is the Administration Officer at the South Australian Maritime Museum. She has always been interested in history and ‘old stuff’. Growing up on the coast of the Eyre Peninsula Britt loved the ocean so thought she may be able to combine the two. After high school I completed an undergraduate degree in...

Work at Port Adelaide wharf c1930, South Australian Maritime Museum Photographic Collection

Class, grit and touch screens

Often overlooked and unnamed class exists in Australia. It is present in the homes we buy, the cars we drive, the schools we attend, the type of employment we have, and what we know about culture, high, popular or otherwise. Usually it doesn’t seem that important, maybe because we surround...

Image: Head and shoulders shot of man in front of flaking brown paint on wood

Introducing Adam

Adam Paterson is one of two curators at the South Australian Maritime Museum. He works on exhibitions, research and collection management, among other things. Becoming a Curator I never really decided to become a curator! I’ve always loved visiting museums and heritage sites and that passion eventually led me to...