History Trust of South Australia

The History Trust of South Australia researches, preserves and presents the history of South Australia. We manage three museums, the State History Collection and a statewide community history program.

You can follow the History Trust on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. To find more information about the History Trust, visit the website.

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Introducing Tina

Tina is undertaking an internship at History SA and has been working on social media for the History Festival since she arrived in March. You may have ‘talked’ to Tina on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, where she’s been the voice of the History Festival (give or take a few interjections from...

Tweeting SA History

We’ve just finished taking part in Museum Week, along with over 3,500 other participants. This is a campaign on Twitter encouraging cultural institutions to share images, information, video, web links and more around daily themes set out on the Museum Week Website. Visitors to museums also take to Twitter to share their...

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Introducing Kristy

Kristy Rebbeck joined the History SA team recently as our new Marketing Manager. She manages marketing and publicity for History SA projects and events, as well as for the National Motor Museum, Migration Museum and South Australian Maritime Museum. She is also responsible for promoting History SA’s corporate image and raising sponsorship to...

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Queering The GLAM Sector

After attending Australia’s Homosexual Histories Conference, right here in Adelaide, last year I have since been thinking about how the GLAM sector (Galleries Libraries Archives and Museums) works with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex & Queer (LGBTIQ) communities in Australia. The Museums Association in the United Kingdom has a strong...

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Introducing Oliver

Oliver is the resident web developer here at History SA. When you see a History SA website or app, it’s likely that Oliver built it (or at least makes sure it stays up and running). These platforms are the most visible aspect of Oliver’s work, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg....