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Catherine Manning

Catherine is Curator of Digital Engagement. She develops website content, including content for the SA History Hub, and works with the Digital Engagement team to develop projects across History SA’s museums, with the Community Programs team and online. Catherine worked as a curator at the Migration Museum for eleven years. There she developed a passion for community engagement, oral history and diverse interpretations of history.

Catherine is the voice of @historysa on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (with a bit of help from her colleagues). She shares her out of work obsessions on Instagram

Australia Day – a history

Australia Day has been the centre of political debate in recent years with arguments for changing the date and calls to rename 26 January Invasion Day or Survival Day and cases for maintaining the status quo on the other. The first argument puts the case that choosing 26 January to celebrate ignores...

Tweeting SA History

We’ve just finished taking part in Museum Week, along with over 3,500 other participants. This is a campaign on Twitter encouraging cultural institutions to share images, information, video, web links and more around daily themes set out on the Museum Week Website. Visitors to museums also take to Twitter to share their...