Reclaiming the trust

History SA is now the History Trust of South Australia. Those of you with long memories might realise this is a return to our original name, which has in fact remained our ‘legal’ name.

Image: large white building with text over the top

The History Trust of South Australia is a statutory authority reporting to Parliament through the Minister for the Arts. It was established under the History Trust of South Australia Act (1981) to encourage the research and public presentation of South Australian history and to safeguard South Australia’s History Collection. The Trust manages three history museums – the Migration Museum, National Motor Museum and the South Australian Maritime Museum, and an important community history program including presenting the annual History Festival.

Chief Executive Officer Greg Mackie said “the move away from our public brand of recent years – History SA – and return to our statutory name signifies change – but also continuity – and we will proudly proclaim and promote our right to public trust. We are reclaiming ‘trust in the Trust’.”

We’re still passionate about history and you’ll still find us on Facebook, on Instagram and Twitter as @historysa We hope you’ll come along for the next part of the ride with us!

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