Introducing Tara

Tara McHenry is a relatively new face in the marketing team at History SA. In her other life Tara is a musician. She came to the world of marketing for practical reasons:

As a practicing artist I’ve always been aware of the importance of how to communicate and promote my work. This interest in the marketing side of my music led me to a professional career in marketing. I undertook post-graduate education to develop the grass-roots marketing skills I’d gained through my artistic career and the rest is … history!

Pathway to History SA

Tara has been working at History SA for just over six months now.

I have always had an interest in history and how the past shapes the future, so when a position became available I jumped at the opportunity!

Day to Day

Tara works collaboratively with members of the marketing department to communicate and promote the diverse range of projects and exhibitions at History SA, the National Motor Museum, South Australian Maritime Museum and the Migration Museum.

Specific tasks I often take care of include updating information on our websites, scheduling advertising campaigns and assisting with media.

She is an integral part of the team and already making her mark.


Tara enjoys working across the three museums. With different audiences, exhibitions and objectives, each museum requires a different marketing approach:

This makes my job interesting!

I really enjoyed working on the Maritime Museum’s Art of Science: Baudin’s Voyagers 1800-1804 marketing campaign. It was the first project I worked on and because the exhibition is so beautiful, the visual campaign for the project was really nice to work on.

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Getting to know Tara

I grew up in the mid-north of South Australia in a town called Wirrabara. I feel really lucky to have grown up in a regional area and still have a really strong affinity with the Southern Flinders Ranges region.

Thanks for sharing your story Tara!

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