Introducing Deb

Deb is one of the team at the National Motor Museum.

I have been a Museum Officer at the National Motor Museum for nearly  3 years, a job that I absolutely love.  I am employed on a casual basis but as I live in Birdwood I can be called up at a minutes notice.

As a Museum Officer Deb undertakes many duties from welcoming customers to cleaning the car and motor bike collections to assisting at event days and even presenting Scalectrix  programs during School Holidays.

I particularly enjoy working with the collection and keeping the vehicles polished and presented well.

We’re sure visitors to the Museum appreciate Deb’s love and care of the displays.

Image: woman standing at desk with motor museum sign behind herWhy the Motor Museum?

Deb describes herself as a ‘car person’ and her enthusiasm is obvious.

I love everything about cars.  I own a beautiful 1970  Morris Mini Cooper S  Mk2 and  particularly  love British Cars.  I follow many forms of Motorsport including F1, F2 and F3  and Touring Cars.


Among Deb’s many tasks one has been a favourite:

A highlight of working at the Motor Museum for me is talking to people and hearing stories of them and their cars. I particularly loved a past Holiday Program we ran called ‘Memory Lane’.    The public were able to be taken for a drive through our fabulous grounds in  several  of our collection cars. I was one of the drivers so had the opportunity to drive several of our cars and share them with my passengers.

Other highlights have included: meeting Toby Price, 2016 Dakar Rally winner; Vern Schuppan, 24 Hour Le Mann Winner;  and starting Andy Caldecott’s Bike.

I love meeting people with ‘motoring connections’ and have met many well known people including Sir Jack Brabham,  Aryton Senna and George Harrison.

Getting to know Deb

Motor enthusiasm is not just a ‘day job’ for Deb:

I have alwaysliked cars. Way back in 1988 I went to Indianapolis, USA, to the US Drag Racing Nationals. I saw the first 4 Second Pass made by a US  Top Fueller, driven by Ernie Hill.

If I knew what that was Deb, I’d be very impressed!

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