Introducing Corinne

Corinne works as a curator at the Migration Museum.

After uni I worked in the book trade for 15 years, first in London and then Adelaide, but decided in my 30s to retrain to indulge my lifelong passion for history. I’d always been a keen museum visitor, and thought it would be interesting to study and then hopefully work in this field.

This passion for history led her to the Migration Museum.

Image: head and shoulder shot of woman in front of stone wall

Pathway to History SA

While studying for her Masters in Museum Studies Corinne was a volunteer at the Migration Museum for two years.

I did object handling, database entry, research, writing for the website, and lots of other tasks, which was a great learning experience. When I graduated there happened to be a vacancy for a curator, and voila!

Corinne brings to the position an enthusiasm and passion for the collection.

Day to Day

As part of the Exhibitions, Collections and Research division  Corinne works with the team that produces Migration Museum exhibitions (both temporary and permanent), looks after and expands the State History collections (which include the State Weapons and Historic Relics collections), and conducts research both on the collections and on a vast range of social history topics.

If it happened to or affected the people of South Australia, then I’m interested in it.  We take hundreds of enquiries a year on research questions as varied as ‘how did people travel around the early South Australian colony’ to ‘21st century migration patterns’, and everything in between.


Corinne says every day really is different.

I get to meet a lot of people and hear great stories about our state’s fascinating history, but some days are quieter and are about paperwork or inventory management. I love working with our fantastic volunteers, or spending time handling the wonderful objects in our collections.

At other times she might be involved in archival research, or installing an exhibition.

Opening an exhibition that you researched and wrote is a huge buzz, and watching people interact with displays that you have spent months perfecting– it’s always nerve-wracking, humbling and exciting at the same time.  We just opened In This Place, our new gallery about the history of our Destitute Asylum site, which is the result of a year’s research and planning. Watching the first party of school children explore the interactive family stories we designed was great!


Getting to know Corinne

Corinne brings the same enthusiasm to all of her pursuits.

I’m passionate about the rescuing and welfare of ex-racing greyhounds, and I collect chicken memorabilia!

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