Introducing Britt

Image: Woman standing outside in front of gum tree trunk

Britt is the Administration Officer at the South Australian Maritime Museum. She has always been interested in history and ‘old stuff’. Growing up on the coast of the Eyre Peninsula Britt loved the ocean so thought she may be able to combine the two.

After high school I completed an undergraduate degree in Archaeology followed by a Masters in Maritime Archaeology at Flinders University.

As a result Britt has traveled around Australia and overseas on some amazing field trips and worked in some interesting places but she warns it’s not all Indiana Jones.

There is a lot more desk work than people realise!

Pathway to History SA

Britt started off with History SA as a casual tour guide for the South Australian Maritime Museum in 2012 running tours of the Torrens Island Quarantine Station and later on supervising an archaeological survey of its cemetery. She then transformed into a casual Museum Guide before moving into a permanent role in administration.

Day to Day

While Britt has filled many roles in her current position she helps the Operations Manager keep the day to day business of running a museum under control. From paying invoices and organising school visits to assisting the curators with logistical requests and touching base with volunteers, it certainly keeps her busy!

Each day is different and I get to help behind the scenes with exhibitions, objects, schools, group tours and other events.

Britt also manages the South Australian Maritime Museum’s Instagram account, where she shares some beautiful images from the collection and quirky insights into what goes on behind the scenes at the Museum.


Britt is proud of her Quarantine Station tours, but she thinks one of her biggest accomplishments to date was overseeing the logistics of a wedding in the Maritime Museum and making sure their ceremony went off without a hitch (which it did thank goodness!).

‘The dirt’ on Britt

Britt tells us that as an archaeologist she always gets asked the same questions. See if you can guess what they are!

  • No, I have not found any dinosaur bones
  • No, I have not been to Egypt
  • No, I have not found any treasure
  • Yes, I have seen that archaeology show on the ABC (Time Team)


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