Introducing Kristy

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Marketing Manager Kristy Rebbeck

Kristy Rebbeck joined the History SA team recently as our new Marketing Manager. She manages marketing and publicity for History SA projects and events, as well as for the National Motor Museum, Migration Museum and South Australian Maritime Museum. She is also responsible for promoting History SA’s corporate image and raising sponsorship to support the organisation.

Career pathway

I fell into marketing by pure accident. I realised early on that I had a real passion for the arts and cultural sector and wanted to be involved somehow and worked for a film company, on a TV show and in events for a couple of years while I was living in Sydney before I decided to move home to Adelaide to study a Graduate Diploma in Management – Arts and Culture.

Once studying Kristy realised that marketing ‘made sense’ to her. She started working casually for her marketing lecturer who managed the marketing campaigns for WOMADelaide at the time, and realised that was what she wanted to do. After a lot of volunteering and contract work, Kristy started her first full time Marketing Manager job at Carclew Youth Arts 14 years ago, then moved to Adelaide City Council, followed by the Adelaide Festival, freelanced a bit and spent the last seven years at State Theatre Company.

After many years at State Theatre Company, I was ready for a new challenge but knew I didn’t want to move too far away from the arts and I love museums and galleries. I was really excited to see this position advertised as it perfectly combined my interest in culture and my love of history, so I was really fortunate that I won the position!

Working at History SA

Kristy tells us that she loves the variety of work at History SA everything from boats to cars to migration

… not many people can say they work across so many fields. And I love that everyone is super passionate about what they do and it really shows in the work that is produced across all museums and History SA as a whole.

Getting to know Kristy better

The team at History SA have already been introduced to Kristy’s exceptional baking skills and are very pleased about her enthusiasm in the kitchen. She tells us something people may not know about her is her love of exploring cemeteries:

My sister and I have a fascination with cemeteries and wherever we go we love to explore them – not in a morbid way, we both just love reading the little bit about people’s lives, where they came from, what happened to them, who loved them and who they loved and where they ultimately ended up. They are such a fascinating snapshot into history as well as often show so many facets of their region, such as design, wealth, religion, so much!

Welcome to the crew Kristy.

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